10 tips for organizing cables in your home or office

There are many cables in our home: computers, televisions, cell phones, and other electrical devices; and for the most part they are disordered, leading to confusion in finding them and even causing an evil that will have major consequences later.

There are many ways to keep these cables in order, from instruments sold everywhere to materials used in our home for this task. Next, we are going to give you some solutions with these materials that should already be thrown away.

Here are 10 ideas to help organize cables and keep your home tidy.

With a piece of tape, group the cables that are bothering you, and with a little bit of tape, glue it to any disorganized cable. Remember not to over-tighten the cables with the tape you plan to use.

Using the wire that comes in your grocery wrap or in those popular pan sandwich bags, grab it and bundle every wire around your home. It is required to have more than 20 wires of this type because one will not completely do the job.

In this idea, we are going to use the corrugated conduits or insulating tubes to channel the cables of our electrical appliances into them. This is a great idea as you can use corrugated conduit or pipe insulation to protect your cables from pets in your home or from a short circuit.

A simple and quick idea is to use toilet paper rolls or other household cleaning paper rolls. These reels allow you to stick any cable you want and the best part is that you can identify each one with a marker.

Another simple idea is to use the spiral from an old notebook. First you cut the spiral of your notebook that you no longer use and depending on how many cables you bundle up, you will need more notebooks. Once you’ve disconnected the spiral from the notebook, remove the cables from your computer, laptop, or mobile charger and begin routing the spiral over the cable, and that’s it.

With a simple clip from those used in the offices to group many sheets of paper in a folder, you can use them to organize your cables on all of the USB ports. You will take the clip and place it on the table while the side used for pushing places the cables you want.

Clothespins or hooks are also great for this task. All you need is glue and the tweezers, you will be gluing two of them upside down (the first with the tweezers on the left and the top one with the tweezers on the right). You do it this way, so that you coil up your mobile music device’s cables or your cellphone’s headphones.

This idea is the main idea for the house as you can order any cables that go from one wall to another. With several wooden boards (maximum 20 centimeters long) or with the garden fences, glue them in the direction of the cables that you have in the wall. This way you will avoid the littlest ones in the house or your pets touching and separating them.

In a shoebox, insert a strip or two, and then open a hole in the side of the box so each of the cables come out. This is a super simple idea and it doesn’t take long to maneuver.

The final idea we give you is easier because you can use multiple pieces of sheet, tape, and marker to identify your cables. The first thing you are going to do is take a piece of paper and write on it which cable it goes with, and then tape it onto the cables. This is how you know which cable you have in every part of your home.

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