How to clean a harp?

The harp is a plucked stringed instrument that consists of a resonance frame and a variable series of strings stretched between the upper and lower part. The sound is obtained by touching the strings with your fingers.

What will you need

  • Cotton clothes
  • Duster
  • Small brush or paintbrush
  • Polishing for harps
  • Retouch markers

How to clean a harp step by step

Remove the dust: Harp dust is only removed with rags or cotton towels. You can use a duster in a subtle way if desired, but be careful not to get the bristles caught in the instrument. It cleans from top to bottom.

Pin cleaning

You can use a small soft brush or brush to clean the pens. Try to remove dust from the entire tenon, lever, and disc area of ​​the harp. It is important to do this cleaning whenever you change harp strings. There are several commercial options for these brushes in musical instrument stores.

Harp polishing

The brilliance of the harp is achieved with certain commercial products for this purpose. The idea is that you go to a specialty store and choose the option based on your preference and budget. These enamels are usually applied with a cotton cloth that is soaked in the liquid and rubbed off. Do not pour the liquid directly onto the instrument. It is rubbed until it disappears and the harp’s characteristic sheen appears.

Microcrystalline wax, a compound used to restore wood, is used to polish the soundboard. Use a cotton cloth and pay special attention to the instructions on the product packaging. It is a delicate product that should be used very carefully and every six months.

Scratch care and cleaning retouching

Harps and other polished wooden instruments can be touched up with small scratches. For this purpose, felt-tip pens can be used, which serve to cover the bumps and scratches of the harp. The ink color of these markers simulates different wood tones so that they go unnoticed with almost every harp model.

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