How are children’s swimmers and tubes cleaned and stored?

Pool items are often used by young children, especially if they have not yet learned to swim and need to stay afloat and play at the same time. After the summer has passed, these items such as their carriages or the famous carriages will be forgotten until next summer. It is therefore necessary that we take some time and store them properly so that their useful life is extended and our children can play many more games during the summer.

– Lavandina (click here and get all the information about your materials)
– Detergents (Click here for all the information about your materials)
– Brushes (click here and get all the info about your materials)
– Talc powder
– Water (click here and get all the information about your materials)

How are you going to proceed?

1. Using a brush and water with detergent, scrub the entire item very well, removing any superficial dirt that has built up over time.
2. Rinse the detergent well.
3. Put a little bleach over the item to remove any bacteria that may have formed.
4. Rinse again.
5. Allow the floats to air dry.
6. Once dry, add some talcum powder to prevent mold from forming during storage and rendering them unusable.
7. Store in a dry place.

SMART! Your pool items are perfect for the next summer!

For more information on cleaning floats, see this video:

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