How can one rid the mind of negative thoughts?

The way we think has a huge impact on how we feel and act. If we change the way we think, we can improve our lives infinitely. Because, among other things, from our interactions with ourselves, the world around us, our life experiences and the education we have received, we learn to think in certain ways and on the basis of which we interpret the world.

Negative thoughts related to your fears, emotions, or violent situations are normal for everyone. The difference is how we react to these thoughts.

Don’t try to stop them: Numerous scientific studies show that if you try not to think about something in particular, you think more about it. This happens because the brain is having trouble remembering what it shouldn’t be thinking, so you think about it even more. You need to understand this in order to remove obsessive thoughts from your mind.

Accept your thoughts for what they are, a product of your fear. Stop blaming yourself or being ashamed of yourself, they are just a symptom of the fear you have. Acceptance is key; These thoughts cannot be controlled, so don’t expect to be able to do so. You have to accept it as a natural symptom caused by anxiety. When it wears off, obsessive thoughts become too. You shouldn’t try to combat these thoughts or believe that they are part of a dysfunctional personality.

Write Persistent Thoughts: The mind tends to put persistent thoughts aside when they are held in a permanent place. Some thoughts that are more than obsessive are stubborn and when you have them you fear that they will turn into obsessive thoughts. A good idea to get rid of them is to write these thoughts down in some kind of personal journal.

One of the main problems faced by people with negative thoughts is the idea of ​​always having to live with fear and not being able to get rid of the thoughts. When a negative thought comes up, watch it and let go of it without trying to eliminate it. To achieve this goal, you may need the assistance of psychological therapy.

According to nutrition expert Dr. Ray Sahelian, a diet high in folic acid and vitamin B12 can have a positive effect on those with negative thoughts. Some examples of foods that are rich in these vitamins are meat, dairy products, broccoli, bananas, potatoes, and soy products.

Exercise has great antidepressant power, helps fight anxiety, and consequently, can also help eliminate negative thoughts. When you do exercises like a long walk, aerobic workout, or bike ride in the park, the brain creates certain substances called endorphins that cause stress, anxiety, and a sense of wellbeing.

Any activity related to relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation, or tai chi can help reduce anxiety and, with it, obsessive thoughts disappear.

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