How can you clean and care for your pearls?

The pearls are created by an encapsulation reaction of a foreign particle in the soft body of molluscs, especially mussels. Best known are pearls, which are considered gemstones or gemstones (either because of their symmetry or their sheen). These pearls are made in the vast majority by the other pearls that belong to the Preriidae family.

There are pearls in different sizes, shapes and colors. Its value is determined on the basis of three criteria: that it has a desired shape (for example the perfect spheres or “cracks”), the rarity of the color (almost the entire range between white and black) and of course its size. The final price largely depends on the current fashion trends.

Pearls have been valued by all peoples since ancient times for their rarity, beauty and their exceptional value.

If you have jewelry with pearls, keep in mind that you need to keep them in good condition in order for them to last a long time.

See how to clean pearls in the following video:

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