How can you remove fears from your life?

Fear is one of those emotions that many people reject and, consequently, want to eliminate from their lives. However, not all is bad in fear. This is a primitive emotion that guarantees survival as it prevents us from performing reckless acts. and encourages us to flee from risky situations.

There are many stories of people who were able to run very fast or lift extraordinary weights when exposed to very severe anxiety. Fear triggers adrenaline and can produce incredible reactions.

But it is also true that fear is often paralyzing. It prevents people from making necessary changes in their lives, new experiences and leaving their comfort zone. In these cases the fear is certainly negative.

For those looking to overcome their fears, perhaps the first thing to understand is that the fear doesn’t necessarily have to go away. Successful people don’t stop being afraid. The great actors or singers in the world all agree that they are very scared right before the gig. But they come out. Night after night they put themselves under the control of their audience.

The difference is that these people know how to deal with fear. They do the things they set out to do with fear, too. Fear is part of the road to success, it is not put aside. To learn how to deal with anxiety, you need to follow a few steps that we list below.

Try to understand the mental picture that is causing you fear or anxiety. Fear of things arises because we have an anticipated vision of what is going to happen and we don’t want to achieve that future. Try to visualize this picture and understand what the root of this fear is.

When you are afraid to start something new. Are you afraid of failure? What are they making fun of you? To tell you, “I told you”? When you identify the image that creates fear, you should try replacing it with another one in your head. Think successful, congratulated, recognized.

This new image has to be powerful and inspiring. Try to generate it down to the finest detail and contact it when you feel like you are stalling.

Many people and artists insist that physical sensations can create a change in mood. Concentrating and reproducing pleasant physical sensations. Try to reproduce negative feelings. Concentrate and think of pleasant sensations.
Meditation supports something similar starting with the breath. Get in the habit of doing five-minute micromeditations when you feel overwhelmed with anxiety.

Wherever you are, loosen your clothes a little. Take off your shoes if you can. Sit down. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Relax. Leave your mind blank and look for the pleasant sensations. If you do this exercise for 5 minutes, you will see the results.

If you are religious, praying can help you in the same way.

On many occasions it is said that fears must be faced. You may even have heard your parents say it many times. This position indicates that you are afraid of the dark, for example. The solution is to turn off all the lights in the house and encourage yourself to walk around the house in the dark. You will realize that there is no risk and you will be able to overcome fear … if you can survive.

The source of fear is a lack of trust. The uncertainty about the future and the present. This is eliminated by evaluating yourself and the circumstances in a detailed, realistic and continuous manner. And prepare, anchor.

Continuously preparing for what to expect is a great way to overcome your fears. By anticipating obstacles, we can envision ways to overcome them. If we are afraid of the dark, it may be better to have candles or lanterns on hand than to think about diving into a dark room.

When we are afraid of failure in a new endeavor, we simply have to investigate the possibilities as well as possible in order to evaluate them in their correct dimension. Identify weaknesses in order to be able to solve them; understand the threats, have contingency plans, and understand our strengths to be sure of what we can handle.

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