How can you thoroughly cleanse your internet activity?

Just as space is infinite, the internet seems to be a memory that has no end. It can store everything we want and what we don’t, comments that we forgot and then embarrassed us, as well as photos or photos in accounts Profiles you forgot that.

Who wasn’t scared of encountering something they didn’t want to remember? It happened to all of us, so we always want to be as imperceptible as possible.

We have to take into account that it may take some time, but if we follow everything exactly we will be more hidden.

Steps to follow

Check yourself by doing search enginesThey will show you all the things that you are registered with. You will be surprised by many things that will come up. One of the most effective is Googlewho apparently knows everything about us, makes it clearer to us what we want to disappear.

Do you have social media accounts that you no longer use? Easy remove themWith them, all of your activities and messages that can get you into trouble will disappear. There are some scout With it, you can travel back in time so that it appears like your oldest activities.

Once you’ve identified and deleted everything you no longer want, it’s time to protect your accounts. Most websites let you hide what you want. That way, you have more control over who sees your things.

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