How do I clean a barbie?

Barbie is the most famous and selected doll on the market. Her various models and occupations promise great adventures with her, but if she is worn regularly, her hair, clothes and body get dirty easily. We bring you some tips so that it always stays clean and looks like new.

What do you need

  1. For the body: Soak the sponge in water and add a few drops of detergent. Clean every part of the barbie’s body until it has a lot of lather so it removes dirt well. For stubborn stains, rub a cotton ball with alcohol and rub it gently. Finally, rinse the entire doll with clean cold water.
  2. For the hair: Taking advantage of the fact that your hair is already damp from washing your body, add 4 drops of your usual shampoo and use gentle circular motions to prevent it from becoming too tangled. Then rinse it out until there is no more foam. Use the conditioner in the same way. It is important not to overdo it as it creates a lot of fat. Use the comb to detangle and comb the hair, being careful not to pull too many of them.
  3. For the clothes: Simply wash the doll’s clothes with a little white soap and cold water to keep them from losing their color and keeping them.

Now your Barbie doll looks like new again!

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