How do I clean a baseball glove?

The baseball, is a Sports Team played between two teams of nine players each. It is played on an extensive field that is completely covered by natural or artificial turf, with the exception of the area called the runner line where the offensive players run to the bases located at the corners of the square area called the Diamond and score is designated as well as the pitcher area, in which the terrain is a ridge of dirt.

With players falling to the floor frequently, it is important that uniforms and game accessories are given preventive maintenance. In this case, we’re going to share some recommendations for cleaning a baseball glove:

Steps to clean a baseball glove

First, remove the string that tied the glove. If it is very difficult to remove, you can only cut it if you think it is necessary. However, be careful not to damage the glove with the scissors or razor you are using.

Brush the glove with a stiff nylon cleaning brush to remove mold from the leather and other debris from between the folds.

Make a homemade baseball glove cleaning product by mixing equal parts of water and white vinegar or lemon juice in a bowl.

Then, using a clean cloth dampened with the prepared mixture, wipe the edges, cracks and even the scratches after cleaning the glove with the product you made. Wipe the entire glove with a clean cloth dampened with plain water to remove the remains of vinegar or lemon.

Finally, put the baseball glove in a cool, dry place so it dries well. Let the moisture run off completely so you can continue handling the glove. Once the glove is dry, buff it with a clean cloth.

  • Did you know vinegar and lemon juice are used to kill fungi, remove dirt and bad smells from clothing?

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