How do I clean a blackboard with an indelible marker?

Sometimes in trouble we need to write a message on a blackboard and don’t have a special blackboard marker, so we end up writing an indelible marker that we always have close by. But that is not why the slate spoils, cleaning is possible!

You need:

  1. cotton
  2. Ethyl alcohol
  3. Rag

Steps to follow:

First you take the cotton and impregnate it with alcohol. Then run it over the entire surface of the plate. You will notice that the marker marks spread, but not go away. Hence, you need to repeat this step several times until it is as transparent as possible. To do this, change the cotton several times with alcohol so that the new cotton absorbs the ink. Finally, take the cloth, moisten it with a little alcohol and write the last reviews on the board. That way, you can use it a thousand times more often with a whiteboard marker or indelibly!

For more information, see the following video:

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