How do I clean a bronze tombstone?

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin that forms a greenish layer with prolonged exposure to air and moisture. This greenish coating is known as a patina.

The patina consists of a series of layers or surface films that represent the state of aging of a material. This darkened finish is liked by a lot of people as it gives the bronze a special character, but other people don’t like it at all because they think it’s ugly and prefer to have a shiny bronze with a clean look.

Because of this, you must first measure the level of dirt before you proceed to cleaning a bronze tombstone. In the case of dust, dirt and / or cobwebs, it is advisable to wipe with a dry cloth or brush to remove dirt that can create sludge if we use water directly, making cleaning difficult.

Necessary products for cleaning bronze

Baking powder and lemon juice

  • Cotton rag
  • Plate
  • spoon
  • Dishwasher sponge

Step by step cleaning procedure for bronze tombstones

Rinse brass objects with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel. This will safely remove dust and other particles that could interfere with the next polishing.

Put about 4 tablespoons of baking soda in a small plate, add lemon juice and mix until a smooth paste is formed. We recommend throwing in a little lemon juice and adding more if needed.

Apply the prepared paste to the bronze tombstone with your hands. We recommend using rubber gloves to protect your hands.

With the small cotton rags we rub the bronze article with small circular movements. This is the key step in removing the greenish layer. If we don’t see the clean and shiny bronze, we’ll have to rub several times until we get the effect we want. We can also rub the bronze with a dishwasher sponge if we find it difficult for us to clean.

After you’ve rubbed the bronze, let the paste sit on the item to be cleaned for about 20 to 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the bronze tombstone is rinsed with warm water to remove the paste that we applied. Then we dry the item with a clean towel and you will get the perfect shiny bronze. Apply a little more of the paste I make with baking soda and lemon juice.

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