How do I clean a burnt iron in two steps?

Who hasn’t happened so often that you try to iron a piece of clothing, but the base of this iron has the terrible thing stain Black that will damage your clothes. At least once in our life we ​​realize this and end up throwing that Home appliance to think that there is no longer a solution.

In the end, we can solve this difficult problem exterminate In two simple steps that also take no more than 15 minutes, you have an iron that is clean and durable, as if it had just been bought.

Before starting, make sure the iron is unplugged from an electrical outlet and avoid an uninspiring incident.

What do you need?

  • Table salt
  • White wine vinegar
  • Sodium bicarbonate

Steps to follow

Start with a rag humidityClean the iron and remove any debris. Throw two tablespoons of salt on a cloth and plug that in ironWhen it’s hot, place it on the cloth with salt and move back and forth until the salt is diluted. Repeat these movements for two or three minutes and remove it.

Turn off the iron and wait for it to cool down. In that case, you should Mix half a glass vinegar and the Baking sodaTake a cloth and dampen it. When the iron is cold, clean the dirty base.

You will find that in a few moments your iron will be so new and you will no longer be afraid of damaging other clothes.

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