How do I clean a camera’s sensor?

Sooner or later we have to devote ourselves to purification Sensor of our camera. This is a task that every user must do. There are several methods of doing this yourself and, in any case, you can always resort to technical service. But when you need advice How to clean a camera sensor Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Remove the lens from the camera and put the lid on it. You can also consult your camera how the mirror lock is activated for Clean the sensor yourself (It is important to start cleaning)
  • Activation mode Sensor cleaning. This option is likely in your menu cameraand for that you have to navigate until you find it. This is possible with Cannon brand cameras “Sensor cleaning”.
    Well, once you’ve checked that option (always read the manual for instructions) and you’ve activated the shutter release so that the mirror of the camera lifts up, opening the shutter and finally allowing access to the sensor.
  • It is super important that you aim camera towards the ground so that it does not penetrate or fall into the ground sensor any kind of garbage and / or dust.
  • Now you have to remove the lid of the camera to start the blowing process. This can be done with an air bulb, which is easily available at pharmacies.
    What we need to do at this point is to go through the four sides of the rectangle that is forming the camera sensorBlow air with the lightbulb on each side without ever touching the sensor with the tip of the lightbulb.
  • Now yes … when you have finished blowing the pear, you have to put the lid back on so that the sensor be protected.
  • Last point, you are done with that Cleaning the camera sensorNow all you have to do is lower the mirror again. In most of the Cameras It will automatically lower when turned off.

How do you know if your action is being taken? Easy! Consult the manual of your camera.

For more information, see the video below:

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