How do I clean a car with household items?

As they say, pay attention to the appearance, to give a good image, we can transfer this philosophy to our car, so that this cleaning is economical, we will use products that are normally in our house. No sophisticated and specialized products in any part of the car.

Liquid soap, dishwasher or dishwasher

Any liquid soap is good for making the body shiny, even if you prefer it with the smell of lemon. Just wet the entire body of the vehicle and cover the entire car with foam and let it work. then rinse with water and voila. If you want a better finish, use a pressure washer compressor and with a foam application nozzle the result will be surprising.

Toothpaste or toothpaste

He mainly uses it for to clean up the Headlights and leave them like new, buff the paste with a toothbrush and be patient, it sounds weird but it works. Toothpaste is also used to remove very difficult stains on car plastics or even on the leather of the steering wheel or upholstery. However, in case staining the leather doesn’t work well, test a small area first.

Baking soda and neutral bath soap

Mix a cup of baking soda with 4 liters of hot water and a little neutral soap and use this mixture to clean the body of your vehicle.

Hair shampoo

The ideal mixture is one teaspoon for every 3.5 to 4 liters of water. It helps us make our vehicle shiny.

White wine vinegar

Pure vinegar is a good ally for doing this Car tire, because the acid removes the fat very well.

Baby wet towels

It is not very well known what they are impregnated with, but these wipes can remove any remaining dry matter that is on the upholstery of the vehicle.

olive oil

It is a good ally to remove scraps of stickers or other adhesives from either the sheet metal or glass. All you have to do is apply the oil to a cotton ball and rub the area in a circular motion.


Coca-Cola makes it easy to clean the rims until the tires shine.

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