How do I clean a CD player?

The CD-ROMs, Recorders and others, have one lens with which you can read the data CD. This can get dirty after a while and prevent the reproduction of the CD‘s.

The job of cleaning this up lens It is not easy as it is a delicate task and if not done very carefully it can render the player unusable.

While there are cleaning discs on the market, many of them do more than just worsen what they do lensmaking small scratches on it or making it opaque due to the products used to clean it.

Here we are going to explain one way to clean it, but always Warning of the danger you will get if you don’t do it very carefully.

To do this, we separate the cables from the CD– –Rome and we take it out of the Central processor work better.

Once we’re outside we remove the top cover, which is usually screwed on. Once that’s done, we’ll check the condition of the lens without touching it with your hand.

There are times when lens All it has is dust on it. In this case, the most effective way would be to clean it by means of Compressed airThis avoids direct contact with her.

If the lens When it is contaminated with another substance, it is cleaned with a liquid that does not damage the material it is made of. An ideal liquid for this is the liquid that is used to clean contact lenses for the eyes, however Never use glass cleaner or alcohol.

To apply this liquid, we use a cotton swab, which is used to clean the impurities from the ears, soak them in the cleaning liquid and drain them a little. Then, gently and with great instinct we shall rub it on the surface of the lens.

Special care should be taken during this process as the lens It’s stuck on some small leaves and if we push it down too hard we can make it unusable.

After rubbing the lenswe will proceed to remove the liquid that remained on its surface. To do this, we use the other part of the swab and with the same care we remove the liquid (by absorbing the material with which the swab is made).

Then we close our player and wait about 5 minutes for the lens. After it is completely dry, we close the lid, unscrew it and reconnect it to the CPU. Once this process is complete, we can check that it is working properly.

It can also be that the lens has had material wear and tear, in this case nothing can be done unless it is replaced with another with similar characteristics, but in this case it is usually cheaper to buy a new reader than to repair the damaged one.

For more information, see the video below:

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