How do I clean a diamond?

We all know diamond is the hardest material there is, but we can’t use anything to clean it if we have to: we could damage the sheen of the surface.

Don’t expect a fancy method, as dish soap and soap are usually the most common ones. You will need a somewhat stiff brush like a nail or toothbrush and a small dishwasher. The less perfumed and more neutral, the better.

Under the faucet, carefully remove the dirt that tarnishes the diamond. Don’t let it dry on its own: use a very soft cloth. Smart.

There are some precautions to be taken that will always help keep it flawless. Better to remove it when you wash your hands and especially if you are working with it and there is a risk of your jewel coming into contact with aggressive liquids.

Finally, in the cleaning process, if there are other gemstones or gemstones that are less resilient than diamond, keep in mind: while soap won’t be a problem, there may be other methods.

Learn more in the video below:

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