How do I clean a drill board?

Drilling is one of the funniest activities we can do in the waves of the beach. But after a long vacation used every day, our drill board will start to take into account its usage and at that moment we need to intervene and clean it to keep its useful life and keep it as clean as it will be next summer is like new again.

– Detergents (Click here for all the information about your materials)
– Water (click here and get all the information about your materials)
– bucket
– Brushes (click here and get all the info about your materials)
– Rag (click here and get all the information about your materials)

How are you going to proceed?
1) Put water with a little detergent in the bucket.
two) Place the board vertically by placing it against a wall.
3) With the help of the brush and soapy water, clean the entire surface of the table very well.
4) Flip the board over and repeat the previous step on the other side.
5) Rinse the detergent residue off the table very well.
6) After draining, wipe the board dry.
7) Keep it in a place where it won’t get dirty and won’t be left outside to avoid wear and tear.

SMART! Now your board is like new and you can enjoy it next summer!

For more information on cleaning tables, see this video:

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