How do I clean a fan?

Our Fans They are indispensable home tools that we all have and we need to keep them clean as they provide us with drafts when the heat is overwhelming, but if not dust free they can exacerbate our allergies, especially when we slept.

There is a large amount of dirt on the blades or under the cover of ours Home applianceSo we need to be careful not to let them get worse over time.

The cleaning is complete easy and it doesn’t take much effort to keep them dirt free at all times.

What do you need?

  • Cloths
  • Sponges
  • brush
  • water
  • screwdriver
  • oil


Steps to follow

First of all, we will use the cloths to remove all of the dust that covers ours fanand ensures that the connection is disconnected during the entire process.

We remove the grille covering the fan, dampen the sponge and run it through all the plastic and blades, rubbing with moderate force to avoid damage.

We remove the covers of the fanTo do this, we check whether they are set with a click or screwed. After removing it with the brush, we remove excess dust and places that are not easily accessible with the brush. When we’re done, we put the lid back on.

We give the sponge again and then on with the cloth we dryWe will find that it will be like new.

When you’re done, check that all of the pieces are in place and are smooth. You should too Danger It is very good that it is completely dry because remember that it runs on electricity and any impact can cause some damage.

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