How do I clean a fishing rod?

After a fun day of fishing, one of the biggest problems cleaning our rod is, especially if it has come in contact with salt water or just plain water, as those external entities that it comes in contact with can become corrosive.

How do i make it take longer? How do i clean it? How do I take care of it?

These doubts arise every time you save up and buy your new fishing tackle. At the end of our fishing day, it is necessary to take care of our equipment so that it will be the first to continue working at the next opportunity.

They’re easy to care for, as easy as taking a shower, and you don’t need big stuff. For example, we have materials that are generally available at home and we can protect them for years.

What do you need?

  • Hose or some other source of water
  • Neutral soap
  • Body oil for babies

What to do

Once you have finished fishing, you need to take your rod and use the hose or water source to wash everything, even the smallest parts of it, that is, end to end.

After wetting it, take a soft sponge with the soap, gently rub the entire body and roller until everything is covered with the foam and let it act for about five minutes.

Spray again with the water until all of the soap, soil and
other related properties.

Dry with a soft cloth.

Take a towel or cotton and place it on the rod and reel. It is not necessary to use large quantities, a thin layer is enough, in addition, this oil dries quickly.

This gives you a clean, protected rod that will last for a few years.

As a tip, you can also use 3-in-1 oil or liquid silicone, they are just as effective.

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