How do I clean a hotel room?

The rapid growth of the squares hotel In recent years, it has also promoted top-tier entrepreneurship conditions Training, do whatever it takes to get that neatness of the squares when offering Comfort and security for customers. It is important that your hotel’s rooms feel right at home.

To achieve one cleaning When it comes to rooms, we have to be clear that our goal is the customer sensation that he publishes it in order to achieve a flawless result.

To the cleaning A work starting point is determined from the rooms, and the most suitable is the circular one, starting with a extreme of the room and ends with the other to avoid forgetting something.

In the Bedroom, We can do the following:

Knock on the door to make sure the customer is not there. And so it happened that the equipment from cleaning They will be left to the side of the room so they will be notified of the cleaning when the customer arrives.

Leave the room door open during the entire process so that I can pamper windows and balconies to ventilate the room Bedroom, We use it to empty trash cans, ashtrays and glasses and collect clothes dirty from the bed and put it in the bag the trolley carries for the laundry. Make the bed with the clean clothes the car carries.

Clean the bathroom. to clean up Dust and scrub as needed lamps, wall lights, doors, windows, cabinets, desks, armchairs. It is important that we do not use odor-intensive cleaning agents as we do not know if the customer has an allergy.

We always have to clean the room in the same order. First we will dust the cabinets and furniture and then clean the windows and glass. Then we will replace the hangers, pens, candy, water and other welcome products. We must remember to close the windows and draw the curtains.

Finally, sweep and mop the floor of the bedroom and bathroom.

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