How do I clean a kart after the race?

Kart races have thousands of fans all over the world. As a first step in the development of a future great competitive rider, these categories are popular with children, teenagers and adults.

Go-karts are small one-person vehicles with no suspension and minimal bodywork. Its parts are the chassis, the tires and the steering wheel, the pedals and the motor.

If you have a kart and enjoy racing, it is important to remember that you must properly clean your vehicle after every competition. Service and maintenance are the key to good vehicle performance.

What will you need

  • Tools
  • sponge
  • Cleaning fluid or soap
  • Spray the compressor


Place the kart on a stand. These vehicles usually have a base on which they can be assembled, adjusted or dismantled as needed. They hang in the air at a good height.

First, you’ll need to remove all of the body parts in case your kart has them. Remove the engine, stoperas, bumpers and other parts of the kart. As well as the wheels and the steering wheel. The aim is to leave the chassis as free as possible.

Mix one cup of cleaner with one gallon of water. There are special commercial options for competition vehicles such as karts, ATVs, and motorcycles, which often receive large amounts of mud or dust. Ask for information and recommendations at a specialized center.

Use a compressor to spray the chassis with the cleaning solution. If the compressor is strong enough, you can use the water to remove some dirt or mud. If not, at least make sure you give the chassis a good shower, as well as the seat and any parts of the kart that you took apart.

Let it drain for a while. About five minutes is more than enough.

Then rinse everything with water. Use a hard hose to remove mud from the chassis tubes. Pour plenty of water everywhere.

Dries with the compressor as a source of air. Just blow clean air for each piece to dry.
Lubricates the chain and the parts that need to be lubricated. This is an important step as we have had corrosion prevention treatment so far, but we need to make sure our car is in good condition to be used.

Finally, upgrade the car again. Put everything back in its place: engine, steering wheel, seat and body. Clean and polish the bodywork, and change tires and decals if necessary.

  • Do not use water to clean the kart engine as it can corrode.

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