How do I clean a miniDV video camera?

In order to perform excellent maintenance and cleaning of a miniDV video camera, it is necessary to clean every accessory of the camera in detail, without neglecting the details.

It begins with a general external cleaning of the video camera. You can clean it with a cloth slightly dampened with water, then dry it with a soft, dry cloth. Never use chemical products (glass cleaner, alcohol, etc.).

When cleaning the outside of the lens, excess dust can sometimes accumulate or fingerprints on the lens. It should be cleaned by rubbing it with a soft, dry cloth.

To clean the LDC (removable screen), use a soft cloth to remove any dust or fingerprints. Remember to do this carefully and without putting too much pressure on the screen. If there is a lot of dirt and it doesn’t look good, you can use a special liquid for LCD screens. The liquid should always be poured onto the cloth you intend to use, not directly onto the screen.

Prolonged use of the camcorder can cause dirt on the heads, resulting in very poor quality video recordings in terms of still images, blurred images and streaks in the image, and poor audio. After receiving the diagnosis that the heads are failing, we clean the camera heads, open the door of the miniDV tape and remove any excess dust with the help of a hair dryer or blower.

There are homemade tricks based on cleaning the head of the camcorder with the help of the typical cotton swabs for the ears. However, they are not made from cotton as they can leave lint on your head. In any case, we recommend using miniDV cleaning tapes, which are available in every specialist shop, for proper cleaning.

If you want to learn more tricks about cleaning a MiniDV video camera, please enter the video below

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