How do I clean a mouse or optical mouse?

The Mouse or optical mouse It has the advantage that it does not require very constant maintenance.

In order to Cleaning a mouse or optical mouse fast you have to remove the dust that can be found in it. That can be done Blow air into the hole from which the light comes out of the mouse, either with the mouth or with compressed air.

For more extensive cleaning follow the next steps:

  • We must remove screw That’s down with our screwdriver, after removing it we have to push back and then up. Once this is done we can remove the accumulated dirt inside the mouse.
  • After watching the dirt, we will Remove the mouse board. We just grab it by the ends and pull it up. This plate has no screws or plastic locks, we just need to pull it up a little.
    We’ll later keep it in a safe place and leave it there while we clean up the rest.
  • After taking the plate out, we reach for the one Mouse top case, and to make it very clean, we rinse it off with water without using soap.
  • We remove the dirt well in the sink, and then gently dry it with a cloth. We finish drying with the hair dryer.
  • We repeat the process with the Mouse base, and we dry it well.
  • Once that’s done, let’s focus on that light-reflecting plastic. In order to clean it it is enough with cotton and a little alcohol. We rub it in and then let it stand for 1 minute without doing anything, the alcohol will evaporate in this way and the plastic will be left behind cleaned.
  • Then we take that Mouse pad wheel. To do this, we have to apply minimal pressure to the right and then it comes out on its own. When we have it aside, we use our hand or cotton wool to remove the hair or dirt.
  • After that, we set the bike. We put it in place and apply minimal pressure to the left. Once found we give a drop of oil or WD40 in the mechanical part of the wheel; on the part that supports it, the mechanism that allows it to turn. With the oil droplet, we ensure that it does not get stuck.
  • In the end, we set everything as it was: the plastic, the circuit board and the mouse cable; we put them in their original position. Then we push down and forward to hook the plastic locks. Then we insert the screw and our mouse is like new.
  • Notice Keep your mouse pad clean that you mouse last longer without dirt.

For more information, see the following video:

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