How do I clean a Nintendo Wii?

Cleaning the lens on the Nintendo Wii is not difficult, although it should be noted that if cleaned properly, the problem may be because it is damaged and needs to be replaced.

We disassemble the Nintendo Wii until we find the lens and it’s easy to get to. Dip a swab in 90% alcohol (not completely, but dangerous to the lens) and let it evaporate for about 20 seconds. Then we put the swab on the lens and wipe in circular motions. Then run another dry, alcohol-free swab over the Nintendo Wii and Voila.
Since the reader is disarmed, we check that the gears are not covered in dust or hair, which is the most common. If they’re a bit stuck and dry, we’ll buy plain petroleum jelly with no paint and add something to the gears to make it easier to circulate and install the Nintendo Wii.

Learn more in the video below:

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