How do I clean a pen or sharp object before pricking the skin?

It is common to prick our skin with a needle or sharp object when, for example, a splinter of wood has been nailed to us or when we want to remove acne. On each of these occasions, it is best to consult a specialist before taking the risk of injury. If, despite the risks, you decide to do so, the object to be used must be sterilized.

Sterilizing pens and sharp objects before pricking the skin consists in completely removing any contaminants. When you need a pen or sterilize sharp objects before pricking your skin, Take extra care to avoid recontamination until you use it.

Follow the steps below to sterilize a pen or sharp object before piercing the skin

Put on gloves: Before handling needles or objects Prick before pricking your skinIt is necessary to use gloves. If you don’t have gloves on hand, wash your hands well.

Wash the needle: Be sure to wash the pen or a sharp object before sterilizing. For removing dirt, grime or blood that has remained on the object. This is extremely important if you’ve used the pen or a sharp object before. Also, clean the inside of the pen if it is hollow. Use a clean or sterile syringe to draw soap and water inside.

Rinse the pen or a sharp object: After washing the pen or sharp objects with soap or disinfectant, you need to rinse them with sterile water. Make sure you are using sterile water, not distilled water. Distilled water can contain bacteria. The needles must be rinsed to ensure that no debris is left behind from the previous wash.

Use steam. Steam is one of the most efficient and widely used methods of sterilizing a pen. or any sharp object. No living being can survive direct exposure to saturated steam at 120 ° C for more than 15 minutes.

Gather the sterile equipment: When are you going to sterilize pens? or sharp objects before pricking your skinBe careful not to contaminate it after sterilization. Do not touch the newly sterilized pen with your hands or gloves. There could be impurities in it.

Put the pen in a sterile container when storing it. Because of this, you will need to use tweezers or a spoon to pick up the needle from anywhere.

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