How do I clean a powerful mouse?

The Mighty Mouse is one of the innovative designs that Apple introduced to mice. These are not only characterized by their shape, which represents the Apple brand, but also by their usefulness.
The mouse has a scroll wheel, which is characterized by the fact that it can not only scroll from top to bottom, but also to the sides. This also makes it one of the weak points of the mouse, as being a small piece it is not possible to put much pressure on it. You and it’s the first thing to go wrong.
If you are having trouble with your Apple Mouse, it is certainly time to clean it as the accumulated dirt will prevent the Apple Mouse from working properly.

– Sheet of paper
– Rag (click here and get all the information about your materials)

How are you going to proceed?
Step 1: Place the sheet of paper on a white surface and make sure the sheet is clean.
Step 2: Take the mouse from below and place it on the sheet of paper
Step 3: Rub the mouse on the paper repeatedly. You will see dirt build up on the scroll wheel.
Step 4: Take the rag and remove the accumulated dirt.

SMART! That way, you’ll have the dirt off your mighty mouse without having to disassemble it, and you run the risk of it stopping afterwards.

If you have any questions, here is a video where you can review the steps below:

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