How do I clean a restaurant kitchen after a day at work?

When cleaning the kitchen Your home will be a job Imagine cleaning your workspace kitchen when you are in one Restaurant, where everyone uses that Utils, They run and everything falls everywhere.

Food and grease stains, which are the most difficult to remove, will be left everywhere, regardless of the smudges left behind. kitchen large-scale once the work is done.

You shouldn’t complicate the trick Organization, As long as you keep order and know the cleaning is done in a way circular, Don’t worry, just say no one else is in your way while you do your chores.

What do you need?

  • Cleaning brush
  • Aragan
  • water
  • Disinfectants
  • broom

Steps to follow

To begin with, you need to take a close look at the entire place and identify All areas complicated, So you have a work schedule, you just know where Begin.

You must have previously stored the food that you plan to keep for the next day in the refrigerator. as well as in the closet.

They will mix the disinfectant with that water in a bucket of five Liter, Be careful not to empty more than half a liter of disinfectant every three liters of water. The floor is one of the most complicated So you will be spraying it with water and disinfectant while you will be doing it with the broom scrub Until you have removed the dirt, when you have moistened everything and scrubbed everything, you will go with the aragan remove excess water, you will find that the bottom will be shimmering.

Even with the ground cleaned, you have to organize and wash everything Pans and dirty pots, for what you we recommend Do this with hot water and the same disinfectant, as this is the easiest way to remove the grease and let it fully set for a while Next to use.

When you’re done with that, use a cloth cotton and you will clean the excess water that remains in some places.

Don’t forget all of this Food Waste should be well identified and separated from objects Recycling, As long as everything is in good condition, it needs to be lined up and refrigerated to avoid this Decomposition.

Like any activity that takes place in a restaurant’s kitchen, the cleaning process may be collaborationwhere each member must fulfill their responsibilities as efficiently as possible. For example potholesYou should scrub, dry, and put all dishes in the place where they will be kept and ready for the next day.

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