How do I clean a river bed?

Cleaning a river bed River, generated a topic for discussion at the World, Well, there are theories that defend that it is nature itself that cleanses itself while others insure it People We have to help clear certain areas of large ones Objects that’s not typical of a stream.

In this article we are going to talk about how to clean up the channel and the environment from the flow of garbage items the small, for others we would need big machines with which we might Let’s count

What To clean up, in what sections and how to do it to avoid overflowing without harming the flora and fauna that have them they appreciate and to avoid the above problems. And another question; Who has that have to to clean them?

We will only use the areas near the river channel as a starting point. First of all, you need to wear clothes appropriate, That said, high boots and sturdy rubber so you can avoid something hurt you In this way, you avoid the foot area, including waterproof clothing get wet in the Excess.

One of the devices that you will need is shovels or wands Collector, with which you do not collect all these materials have of the rivers and what are they drawn, Among them we would count plastic, bags, bottles, shoes and others. Sometimes they’re in small places accessible, The wand will help us achieve them.

All the rubbish that we collect must be collected in special bags that are brought to collection points and where they are separated after the rubbish for their removal.

These cleanings should be done in a group so that you do not get lost or receive additional help in the event of damage.

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