How do I clean a rubber keyboard on a cell phone?

Although technology is constantly evolving, there are still cell phones with a rubber keypad or a thick cylinder. The less you are, the worse there is. It can often happen that our cell phone does not work properly. This could be because there is dust or even moisture in it.

Cleaning our cellphone’s rubber keyboard is very easy and you will need some materials:

  1. Water.
  2. laundry detergent.
  3. Hair dryer or fan.
  4. Absorbent paper.

  • The first step is to dismantle the cell phone. You have to turn it off first. Then you have to Remove the housing without using force. In general, they usually have a groove that indicates that we need to push to remove them.
  • When you are done with this, you should do it with great care Remove the rubber plate that corresponds to the keyboard. Mix in a bowl water Nails on Detergent drops and plug the keyboard into it. Clean it with soapy water. When you find the dirt has been removed, dry it off with a absorbent paper and then leave it fresh air so that it dries completely and has no more moisture.
  • With a Fan or hair dryer (cold air) We’re going to remove the rest of the dust and grime that the rest of the phone may contain.
  • Finally, when everything is clean and dry, you should upgrade the cell phone. Pay attention to this step and do it carefully so as not to damage or forget any parts.

More information in the following video:

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