How do I clean a sewing machine?

Today we are talking about cleaning and maintaining an industrial machine, especially crochet.

As with any tool in everyday use, dirt easily accumulates in sewing machines. Therefore, we have to spend time on maintenance and cleaning in order to extend the service life and optimize the operation.

To clean our sewing machine we need::

  1. brush
  2. oil
  3. screwdriver

As a first step we will remove large fabric press (For double feed machines we have to remove the two fabric presses.) and then the cap that covers the crochet.

By removing the lid that covers the crochet, we can see how dirt has built up, especially if we were working with leather. We will remove all parts of the crochet cover so that the carriers are exposed.

Once that is done, we need to help each other Carefully remove the dirt with a brushIf this maneuver is not performed from time to time, the remnants will mix with the oil and solidify, causing what is known as stitch jumping, that is, when the beret thread is not connected to the upper thread.

When we have finished this step We’ll turn the machine so that we can see the crochet directly and easily We will remove all remnants of waste also with the brush.

Once the cleaning itself is finished We will proceed to lubrication the machine with its respective oil, passing it through the places where there is friction. Lubrication is important as it prevents the machine from locking up and working properly. With an old cloth we have to remove the excess oil before using the machine.

When we’re done crocheting we need to put the pieces back in place and go to the Head cleaning.

Dirt tends to accumulate less in this sector, so this is enough Brush the dust, directly lubricate all areas that show friction.

Here is a video that explains everything and each of the steps perfectly:

Hope this tutorial has helped you and by doing it weekly you can keep your sewing machine clean and extend its life by optimizing its operation!

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