How do I clean a sex toy?

Before starting, always note the following:

  1. Clean your sex toys carefullyFollow the instructions that we will give later. after use. You may be lazy, but it’s a very small price to pay compared to what you got for it.
  2. Take out the batteries when you are not using the toy (when you are using it) and especially when you are cleaning it.
  3. If you share Multiple toys with your partner or both use the same thing for vaginal or anal purposes. Clean it before you leave.

The most Toys don’t take up much warm soapy water so that they are kept in perfect condition. Here we tell you how to clean them depending on the material with which they are made.


The texture of toys made from jelly is easy stickyHence, you need to take extreme hygiene and maintenance measures. We recommend that you always wash it before and after using it. The best thing is that you do it with warm water and mild soap.

Because it is a porous material, it is relatively easy to pick up bacteria and viruses. That is why it is recommended put on a condom when you use it, especially if you want to share it. never you use Alcohol or cologne to clean this material.

Silicone is the most easy to clean because you can even stick it in Hot water. To make it look extra good, put it in 10% bleach or pass it on boiling water. Make sure it is dry before storing.

Latex is even more porous than jelly and therefore more care must be taken when sterilizing. It’s best to use it with one condom (especially if you share it) and Wash with soap and water.

Treat your leather toy the same way you treat your favorite jacket. Regularly grease it with a soft cloth and you can enjoy it for years.

Metal, like silicone, is and can be difficult to peel disinfect, Cook and anything you can think of that can be used to clean it; Yes, don’t forget to dry it well in the end.

A gentle rub with a little Alcohol dipped cotton It’s the best way to clean plastic toys. Carefully! Remember to dry it well so the alcohol doesn’t come into contact with your genitals later so that the experience doesn’t get too hot.

For more information, see the video below:

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