How do I clean a silver sports trophy?

Sometimes we get careless and leave our silver sports trophies in the dark, causing them to get dirty and lose the sheen with which we were blinded when we won them. But that is now a thing of the past because below we are going to give you a number of steps you can take to clean your silver trophies.


What do you need to clean silver sports trophies?

  • toothpaste
  • water
  • Cleaning wipes

Step by step

First you take the cleaning cloth and smear it with some toothpaste (it doesn’t matter what brand it is).

Second, with the cleaning cloth, which already contains toothpaste, it is distributed over the silver trophy

Third, you will gently rub it over the trophy until you see that it is completely covered

Fourth, then take another cleaning cloth and soak it in water

Fifth, the cleaning cloth with water is passed over the trophy until all of the toothpaste is removed

Sixth, give another cleaning cloth (dry this time) until all of the water is gone

  • You can add more toothpaste if there is still dirt on the silver trophy
  • You can try another more expensive product that specializes in cleaning these types of trophies

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