How do I clean a stroller?

In order to have the car almost new, it is important to maintain it and treat it with care on the outside. For the interior, it’s important to keep the sheets, bedspreads, blankets, toys and everything else we carry in the baby bath tidy. Almost anything can be put straight into the washing machine.

The problem usually arises when the inner walls of the stroller need to be cleaned by yourself. Let’s not forget that babies are experts at vomiting, peeing, or pooping. There are strollers with a removable inner fabric to make cleaning easier, but for older children you have to try them on. Here are some tips to help remove those impossible stains.

To remove the yellowish areas, we can apply a homemade solution. Apply lemon water to the stain (pour the juice – not the pulp – of two lemons into one liter of water). Then we rub it well with bicarbonate, then we apply salt and put it in the sun so that it literally eats the stain. After a few hours, we need to brush the area well to remove the residue and rinse with warm water.

If the interior of the car is made of synthetic material, rub it with a solution of water (more or less 100 milliliters), two tablespoons of liquid soap and a few drops of bleach. Then leave in the sun. Rinse with water and vinegar and finally again with water and allow to dry. We hope these home remedies will help you make your baby’s stroller look new.

For more information, see the video below:

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