How do I clean a Venezuelan Cuatro?

The Venezuelan Cuatro is the symbol of Venezuelan music. Venezuelan icon. Its use is popular in both the countryside and cities. The nylon strings create a beautiful sound, melancholy but sober.
It is played as an accompanying instrument, although it also became popular as a solo instrument from the beginning of the 20th century thanks to names such as Alfredo Reyna or Hernán Gamboa.

In addition, it is a plucked string instrument whose four orders are tuned at a rate of la1, re2, F # 2 and si1. The peculiar, not completely upward tuning is a very characteristic element compared to other stringed instruments.

It belongs to the family of old Spanish guitars and guitars, is small and owes its name to the number of strings. It should not be confused with the current Puerto Rican four with five orders and ten metallic strings.

Clean dishes often

The best way to clean the Cuatro is to remove the strings first so that you can clean it comfortably and thoroughly.

The Cuatro collects dust and dirt between the frets, especially on the sides of each metal rod (fingerboard). Clean carefully with a pointed object to remove dirt. Try not to rub too hard as it will scratch.

The wood of the Cuatro can be cleaned with glass cleaning fluid, although it is preferable to use guitar cleaning solutions available at any musical instrument store. The similarity of both instruments makes it possible to consider the cleaning method for both.

Make sure no objects or dust get into the “box” of the four. To clean, you can use a duster and move the four so that the dust comes out.

When you are done cleaning the Cuatro body, you can put the strings back on, tune them and they are ready to use.

Change the strings every 8 to 10 months

Even if you don’t touch it too often, the natural tension on the strings quickly releases them. A four with old strings tends to sound sharp and emit unpleasant frequencies. If you use it frequently, try to change them regularly, at least every 6 months. If you don’t use it often, you can change the strings for 8 or 10 months.

Store it in a dry and cool place

Nothing harms wood more than moisture and heat. Try to keep the four in a dry corner where the sun won’t hit them directly. Not to mention putting it on a balcony or patio as it will quickly deteriorate.

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