How do I clean a xylophone?

The xylophone is a percussion musical instrument. Each reed is tuned according to a specific tone of the musical note on the chromatic scale. Since it can be tuned, this is a specific sounding laminophone. The order of the plates corresponds to the order of the piano keyboard.

Product used

  • Clean, lint-free towel or cloth
  • vacuum cleaner
  • Very mild or special soap for xylophone
  • Distilled or purified water
  • Never use harsh chemicals on our xylophone, otherwise we will damage it.

Key cleaning

If the buttons are very dirty or sticky with a damp cloth dipped in soap and water, all that is needed is to remove the dirt. However, if you want to add some white vinegar to disinfect the instrument, remember not to wipe it with a soaked or lint-free towel or cloth, as you can damage the xylophone. The keys are best cleaned carefully and thoroughly one at a time. If necessary, use a damp swab to remove stubborn stains. Before switching to a key, let the previous one dry so that it doesn’t retain too much moisture.

Air compressor

Use an air compressor to lift up the dust, then vacuum it up. Remember to use a mouth cover or mask to avoid breathing in the dust.

Tips for cleaning a xylophone

It is a good idea to keep the xylophone covered or covered to protect it from dust. This makes cleaning much easier. However, if your keys are made of ivory, from time to time we will need to allow them to receive sunlight, as ivory tends to turn yellow in the dark. We also need to make sure that the sun is not shining on the rest of the instrument.

It is recommended that the xylophone conditioned room not have the following environmental conditions, neither too dry nor too humid, as dry environments will damage the wood and too much moisture will damage the mechanism. Ideally, keep the xylophone in a room with 40% humidity. However, if the place is very dry, we can send you a humidifier for xylophone or put plants in the room where the musical instrument is located.

It is important to prevent the xylophone from becoming as dirty as possible. For this reason we have to keep food, containers with liquids away and put all kinds of decorations on them, such as: B. vases or liqueurs, as our xylophone gets dirty inside. it could be irreparably damaged.

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