How do I clean an elevator?

If it is our responsibility to a Community, one of the things we think about the most stop is the cleaning of the elevator, for what it represents it seems to us that it is the most complicated, taking into account that only cleaning is not required attitude of a large company and paying large sums of money.

The cleaning Elevator is one of the most important aspects in the Maintenance, since it is a small space through which everyone people coexist in place.

One of the aspects to pay for meaning During the cleaning process, the splints, it is common for them to fall off debris from the soles of the shoes and even pieces of paper hinder Shut down.

Proper cleaning of an elevator must be done in three steps: The interior consists of the ceiling and his lamps as well as the Walls. The interior floor of the elevator. Interior doors and gates for elevators outside from each floor.

For each process you need to use separate products:

First with one brush Clean the entire elevator too get rid of Dusts and impurities. When the elevator walls are made of steel rustproof, You’ll need to use a steel cleaner or a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda to remove and prevent rust.

You should use cloths for the crystals cotton that do not release fibers to avoid unwanted stains.

Once you have applied the above previously, You will hold up a damp cloth stir, You will find out how immediately The surface will be shiny. The floors you can clean them up Using a Disinfectants Pes are generally the most resilient.

It is important that you consider the size and what type of it Elevator clean, because of Specifications that they may have in the manuals and materials with which they were made.

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