How do I clean an espresso machine?

Baristas know from their training how to keep the espresso machine clean; However, if a person is just starting out in this trade or has simply purchased one of these machines for their own personal use, they may need help with this.

Here are tips for maintaining an espresso machine cleaning routine that will guarantee machine durability and the good quality of your mixes.

In the professional operation of his machine, a barista uses 4 towels, which differ several times according to color and always according to use. In our explanation we will use reference colors, but the barista can choose the colors of his towels according to his supplier’s offer.

  • White: for cleaning the steam wand. This should be a cloth approximately 8 “x 8” made of heat-resistant material. This cloth is usually placed on the machine and is only used to clean the heat pipe after the milk jug has been heated.
  • Green: for the machine shelf. It is usually a larger cloth, 30 x 30 cm, made of material that absorbs water well. This towel is usually placed on one side of the machine and used to clean the coffee that falls off the filters after serving. The idea is that the tray be kept clean so that the bottom of the cups placed on it does not get dirty.
  • Blue: The cloth on the bottom of the machine that is used to clean the surface of the furniture we have placed the machine on, be it in a room or at home.
  • Black: It is the scarf that the barista carries with him. It is used to clean the filters after each brew and before adding more ground coffee for a new brew.

The barista can keep the machine clean with these 4 wipes. When someone asks you for a cup of coffee:

  • Clean the coffee filters with the black cloth to add the coffee to be brewed.

  • Clean the tray with the green cloth to place the cup with the filtered coffee.
  • Clean the steam wand to heat the milk with the white cloth and mix the coffee and milk in the cup.
  • Finally, wipe off any spilled material from below with the blue cloth and clean the tube and tray with the appropriate cloths.

After each day the barista has to clean his machine for the next day. as well as the 4 towels.

The difference between cleaning at the end of the day and continuous cleaning by baristas is that at the end of the day they focus on the “showers” where the filters are placed. To do this, you need the blind filter: the filter that has no holes and concentrates the water.

It’s easy to use: you put the blind filter in the shower and press the continuous button to let the water flow. You wait 5 seconds, remove the filter and drop the water. Repeat the process about 10 times on each group of your machine.

Then use a shower cleaning brush to clean the inside of the shower and remove any built-up coffee grounds. Then clean the rubbers around the shower with the circular group brush, which is used to quickly remove all dirt. Run the water.

Finally, clean the tablet with the cloth and try to remove all of the erase. Your machine is ready to use the next day.

There are many other tips and tricks for espresso machine maintenance. We leave you a video here that you can use to expand this information:

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