How do I clean an Xbox 360?

Follow these guidelines carefully: We do not recommend that you service your Xbox 360 console. Do not try to open your console or Xbox 360 to change or remove the warranty seal on the console.

Opening, changing, or removing the warranty seal on your Xbox 360 console will void your warranty.

If your Xbox 360 console needs service or repair, you must contact Xbox Customer Service to provide Microsoft services for the console.

How do I clean the surface of the Xbox 360 console?

  • To prevent the Xbox 360 console from falling over, clean the rubber bearings on the bottom and end of the console with a dry cloth.
  • Occasionally wipe the surface of your Xbox 360 console with a dry cloth to preserve it.
  • Follow these instructions to clean your Xbox 360 console:
  • Unplug your Xbox 360 console from the electrical outlet.
  • Clean only the surface of the Xbox 360 console. Make sure that no objects are inserted into the ventilation openings.
  • Use only a dry cloth. Do not use any other liquid or aerosol cleaners, detergents, pastes and powders, solvents, or abrasives. Solvents can be alcohol, gasoline, paint extensions, or benzene.

For more information, see the video below:

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