How do I clean an Xbox One?

Cleaning an Xbox One is easy when you have the tools and a proper explanation of the steps to perform the cleaning. If you do not know how to clean the device and you may damage it.

Steps to clean your Xbox One

Pull the plug out of the console: To disconnect the current reaching the device, the visible surface dust is removed with the help of a hair dryer and cold air.

Remove the side panels: There are no screws to attach the side panels of the Xbox One. Use only a flat-bladed screwdriver to open these plates. All you have to do is remove the panels on both sides.

Unlock the hooks on the back: The back of the Xbox One console opens. Also, using your screwdriver, pry the tabs out of place and open the back of the console. Remember that you will need to put some pressure on the parts that you have already opened to prevent them from going back into place. Use a different screwdriver and insert it between the tabs that have already been unlocked to make sure they don’t snap back when you pry the others off.

Open the cover: After unlocking the hooks on the back, you can simply open the console cover.

Remove the Wi-Fi dash: After opening the cover, the WiFi dashboard is on top of the console’s inner cover. You can remove it with the T9 screwdriver.

Unscrew the inner cover. Using the T9 screwdriver, remove the screws that secure the top cover to the inner cover. There are a total of 9 8x64mm screws that you need to remove.

Open the inner cover: Slowly lift the top cover after removing the 9 screws. Now the core of the console is exposed. From now on, you can choose to remove your CD player or your 500GB hard drive for a better replacement or repair. You can also take advantage of the fact that the console is open to remove dust from the panel and to clean the fan.

For more information on disassembling and servicing your Xbox One, watch the video

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