How do I clean and bleach the tip?

In ancient times, it was very common to use lace in the manufacture of clothing. They put lace on the edges of towels, on the edges of a dress, and even made some kinds of decorative mantillas.

Today lace is also used, but especially in lingerie and underwear. In addition, there are different types of tips, and each one requires special care.

Next, I’m going to teach you some homemade tricks to clean and lighten tips. You have to do it carefully as it is a very delicate garment.

You need:

  1. To the clean it: cold water and rice water.
  2. To the bleach it: Water and salt.
  3. To the clean old tip: a cloth, a needle, a white thread and a pillowcase.
  4. To the Clean the bobbin lace: a bottle, soapy water and a towel.

1) To the to clean up The top, you need to cook rice. You’ll think I’m crazy but no You need to cook rice as the water that the cooked rice leaves is used for cleaning. You need to dip the tip into that Rice water and leave it on for a few minutes. Then wash the garment with you cold water. Remember that the rice water has to be cold too.

two) To the turn white the top, put something salt in the cold water and mix well. Put the tip in the solution and leave for a minute. Finally wash with cold water.

3) To clean a antique or very delicate laceyou can sew the ends of the lace to a material and cover it with the same or put the tip in Pillowcase and tie it so that the tip does not come off. This way, you can machine wash the lace as the fabric and pillowcase protect the lace from rubbing against other clothing and preventing it from snagging.

4) Clean Bobbin laceyou need to screw the socket into one bottle. When you are finished, sew the ends to the next part of the bottom “row” of the top. Put the bottle with the tip in a bucket with Soapy water and leave it under water for a few minutes. Finally, cover the bottle with one towelso that it absorbs all the water and the tip stays dry.

For more information, see the following video:

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