How do I clean and care for your cello?

The cello is a very delicate instrument, so certain precautions and maintenance are required as any hit or neglect can cause irreparable damage.

All you need for cleaning is a soft cloth. With this you have to remove the resin residues from the cello, bow and strings.

Next, we describe the most important measures you need to take to protect them:

The bow and suitcase must be handled with the greatest care, as the woods are very delicate and break easily.

When you are not using the instrument, it is important that you store it securely in your pocket and make sure that it has been properly closed.

If your case is soft, the first thing to try is to remove the bow to avoid scratching or scratching the instrument.

Never expose the cello to very low or very high temperatures, it can also cause irreparable damage.

You should adjust your bridge regularly and always seek help from your teacher or professional.

The arch is a very important element and therefore requires special care:

You have to be very careful with the bow, if dropped it can break very easily. Apply resin to it several times a week.

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