How do I clean and cut your baby’s nails?

Cutting and cleaning a baby’s nails is a difficult task for some people as a baby’s fingers are very fragile and their nails are still quite soft compared to an adult’s, but nails are one of the parts that get dirtier and more in which more bacteria accumulate. So, so that your baby has a correct one hygieneThey have to cut their nails from time to time.

To cut a baby’s nails, you will need a special baby nail clippers or scissors with rounded ends. You also need to be careful not to leave any imperfections in the nails as they can enter your baby’s finger and injure themselves as the nail grows. You don’t have to file them, the important thing is that the nail is straight.

The best time to trim a baby’s nails is sleep. At this point, the baby is very relaxed and it is easier to clip the nails with great attention to detail and care. Nail cutting can be done once a week depending on the baby.

After trimming the baby’s nails, it is a good idea to carefully check that there is no longer a loose piece of nail as it could penetrate your baby’s skin.

Remember that a clean baby is a healthy baby. Nails are one of the places where more bacteria and dirt accumulate. Use these tips to keep your baby’s nails clean and free of bacteria.

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