How do I clean babies’ eyes?

Babies’ eyes require a lot of care because not only are they very sensitive, but they also produce much more mucus in both the airways and eyes than adults in the first few years of life.
It is very common for some babies to wake up after producing a large amount of laganing without suffering from conjunctivitis or some other problem like tear obstruction. This secretion is generated from the glands of the eyelids and with the air it hardens and can even close the baby’s eyes.
That is why today I brought you this tutorial on how to clean your eyes and avoid infection.

– gauze
– Physiological serum

How are you going to proceed?

1) Before we start, we need to tilt the baby’s head a little so that the remaining substance does not get into the opposite eye.
two) The eyes should always be cleaned from the inside in, that is, we should start at the tear duct and end at the edge of the eyelid.
3) You take the gauze and soak it with the physiological serum.
4) You will proceed as described in step 2. This step must be carried out with the greatest care so as not to injure the baby’s eye.
5) Do this process once a day (2 if not enough)

– Avoid using ointments if not prescribed by your pediatrician.
– Do not use cotton as its composition can cause it to fall apart and get into the baby’s eyes.

More information in the following video:

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