How do I clean copper?

Copper is a metal that gets very dirty over time. And since the elements made up of them are generally old or require maintenance over many years, it is good to know the different methods of their maintenance.

What do we need?

  1. flannel
  2. Sodium bicarbonate
  3. lemon

First step:
With the flannel we remove the earth or other types of dirt that is on the surface of the copper element.

Second step:
We sprinkle the baking powder on the face of half a lemon. Then we rub the copper piece by lightly pressing the lemon so that it creates a little juice and the baking soda takes effect. We’ll do this for a few minutes.

Third step:
With another flannel we clean the copper piece again so that no bicarbonate residue is left.

Hope you have found it helpful and you use this method to keep your copper elements in good condition.

More information in the following video:

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