How do I clean fabric chairs?

Fabric chairs look very nice and are very comfortable. However, they sometimes get stained and are very difficult to clean. Here we leave you a very effective and economical way to do it.

You need:

  • water
  • Carbona (foam without soap)
  • brush
  • White flannel

These are the following steps:

  1. You’ll need to shake or vacuum all of the dust your stool contains first.
  2. Then dissolve the carbona in water (you can buy them at any supermarket and hardware store). The proportion that you need to consider is a third for two water.
  3. Using the foam that resulted from the mixture, use the brush and scrape off the stained fabric.
  4. Then you should remove the foam with a flannel, preferably white, so that your fabric does not discolour.
  5. Finally, let it dry in a ventilated place and you will see the good results.

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