How do I clean my effects pedals?

Technology has become the protagonist of this human moment. Some know how to use their benefits and have brought them into many areas of society such as the arts. Music in particular is currently heavily influenced by digital advances.

Effects pedals are an important part of any musician’s musical equipment. Violinists, drummers, guitarists and even singers have been seduced by the magic of these devices that have definitely enriched the existing wide range of musical sounds at one volume level.

The following article will introduce several options for keeping your pedals clean, as a lack of cleaning can affect the sound quality of any one of them and nobody is comfortable.


Pedals are electronic parts. Because of this, their components must be cleaned with lubricants and oils that contain solvents so that all of the parts that make up them are clean and free of dirt.

  • Microfiber or cotton cloth
  • WD-40 solution

Steps to follow:

The first step is to clean the outside of the pedal with a microfiber or cotton cloth to remove any dirt or dust.

Once this step has been carried out, the device is exposed so that the plate and all of its parts are exposed. Then spray a little of the solution on the plate and carefully remove any traces of dirt.

Let it dry and put the lid back on.

There are people who recommend opening and cleaning the pedal in the same way, but instead of using products, they prefer it. Do this with compressed air and remove dust without the risk of sulfation.

Compressed air can be obtained with household compressors or with small bottles sold in hardware stores and similar places.

The outside of the pedal can be cleaned with soap and water, taking care not to get the inside wet.

  • It is recommended that you perform this cleaning once a month and leave the pedals in their covers or boxes to prevent them from getting dusty.

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