How do I clean my headphones?

Headphones are a useful solution for relaxed listening to music anytime, anywhere. They are practical and very comfortable too, especially when they conform to your ear. Like any other item, the headphones need to be cleaned as they build up dirt in our ears. We also clean them regularly. Over time we will feel that they are working with less intensity and not because you remain deaf, but because you are prompted to clean them!

1. Alcohol
2. water
3. Cotton

How are we going to do it?
Step 1: We have to disassemble them, that is, remove the silicone plugs (they come out very easily).
Step 2: Cleaning the silicone plugs, a task we can easily do with water. We must avoid the use of abrasives like alcohol as it affects the flexibility of the silicone and shortens its lifespan.
Step 3: We will dry the silicone plugs very well, we can let them dry ourselves, which is much more recommended to avoid lint from the cloth when we dry it with one.
Step 4: Once this step is complete, we will clean the part that is under the silicone plugs. In it we can use a cotton ball with a little alcohol to remove any traces of serum it contains. If you have Apple headphones, you can swap out these metal plugs as well, as they are included.
Step 5: Reassemble your headphones, making sure that all parts, especially the metal plugs, are well adjusted as this is the filter for dirt that can get into our audio equipment.
Step 6:: Enjoy your music with the quality it deserves!

More information in the following video:

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