How do I clean my home office?

Many professionals work from home. Either because you are freelance or have your own company or simply have to spend a few days in “home office” mode.

Those who work this way usually have a fixed work area: a home office where they spend most of the day working, answering calls and sending emails.

If you find yourself coughing up there or your throat itching, it may be time to thoroughly cleanse that space. The University of Arizona conducted a study and found that when cleaning a house, these work areas can harbor up to 10 million bacteria.

Whether you are a workaholic or just have a small room for quick inquiries, you should pay attention to the cleanliness of this office. Here are 6 easy steps to clean your home office:

Disconnect the keyboard from your computer and clean it thoroughly. First shake it upside down so that the dust and dirt particles it contains come out. You can use a can of compressed air to remove these particles.

Then, take a cotton swab and dip it in alcohol to clean the space between the keys. Finally, use a towel dampened with disinfectant to clean the rest of the keyboard: the top of the keys, the space bar, etc.

Also, disconnect the monitor from your PC so that you can clean it. Use a clean towel with some disinfectant to clean the entire cover. Then pat dry with paper or cloth towels. To clean the screen, you can use the special liquids they sell for this purpose.

It’s time to clear the dust from the rest of the place. You can use a duster first and then disinfectant wipes later. The idea is that under the mouse pad, the case of the computer, you can remove the papers from the desk and clean them with ease. Make sure to clean the picture frames, shelves, and the bookcase. If you have books we recommend cleaning them anyway.

Sit at your desk and check your most frequent movements. You take the mouse, you talk on the phone, you have a coffee. With every contact you come into contact with germs and microcolonies develop there. Clean these items: Take the mouse and wipe it with a towel soaked in alcohol or disinfectant. It also cleans the phone and the base of the phone, computer headset, and so on.

An orderly space is a reflection of an organized mind. So order your things. Get rid of cluttered and ruled papers. Use folders, clips, and T-rack for cables. Try to create as much space as possible. You feel more liberated, less stressed, and better surroundings.

Set a date for these tasks. The frequency is determined by yourself: once a week, every two weeks. You can split and organize the tasks according to your best criteria. It is important that it does not become a sporadic task where germs and bacteria can collect in this space.

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