How do I clean my room?

The room is the common place of every person. It’s getting dirty all the time and we need to take action not to postpone the cleaning and do it! For that I took our advice!

You need

Steps to follow

    1. Dust off with a duster, walk over ceilings and corners, cleaning always starts from top to bottom. Include blinds, frames, and doors.
    2. To clean the furniture, wipe off the dust with a cloth and apply the anti-dust spray. Also wipe with a dry cloth before placing the decorative items.
    3. To clean the roller blinds, like the window frames, they are washed with soapy water, then rinsed and dried. Use water with a few drops of ammonia to make the glasses shine and last longer. The procedure consists in drying and drying a special cloth for windows moistened with this preparation.
    4. To clean the armchairs or furniture with upholstery, they are vacuumed to remove dirt. For stains, use a special product for fabrics with disinfectant and bactericide and prepare it with warm water (the amount of product depends on the dirt to be removed). To apply these products, you need to use gloves, impregnate a cloth and rub over the area to be cleaned. Then rinse until the area is completely clean.
    5. To clean frames, doors and cabinets, use a cloth with water and ammonia, then buff it with a woolen cloth with wood wax or melanin. If the cabinets have mirrors, proceed as with glass or simply with a commercially available glass cleaner.
    6. To clean the floors, you have to vacuum. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you’ll need to clean it before you start dusting the furniture and again when you’re done with the room. Scrub the floor with a disinfectant that has a pleasant smell like pine, lavender, etc.

A video for a better understanding:

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