How do I clean my sportswear from mud?

Being outdoors is a favorite pastime for many. Especially for physical activities such as exercising, climbing mountains, running or jogging. When we get home, we find that we have dirty pants, shirts, socks, and even underwear that are covered in mud, grass, dust, and sweat. It’s time to clean your clothes, but we know that many of these substances, especially mud, leave stains that are difficult to remove.

Here we introduce three ways to prevent mud from becoming a stain and what to do when we can’t avoid it and we have a mud stain on our sportswear. Each procedure is useful depending on the depth of damage the mud has caused.

To prevent the mud from becoming a stain, the first thing to do is to let the mud dry on your clothes and do your best not to touch it so that the damaged area does not expand and the mud does not penetrate further into the fabric.

You will need:

  • a plastic spoon
  • Stain remover detergent
  • Hot water


  1. Use the plastic spoon to remove the dry surface sludge with quick movements so that the sludge does not penetrate the fabric.
  2. Then pour a few drops of detergent on the surface of the fabric and a few drops of hot water, using circular motions with your fingers to remove the stain. Try to stay in the space that the stain is already taking up.
  3. Rinse with the same hot water
  4. Go through the process again, but this time let the garment soaked in stain remover so it rests in the hot water until the water cools.
  5. Rinse immediately and wash in the normal cycle.

Another method for deeper action requires the following:

  • Clean gloves
  • Nail or toothbrush
  • vinegar
  • Ammonia for household use.
  • Hot water


  1. In one liter of hot water, mix a cup of vinegar and a tablespoon of ammonia.
  2. Put on gloves to clean.
  3. Dip the brush in the solution and scrub the stain.
  4. When most of the stain is gone, let the garment soak in the solution for at least four hours.
  5. Then wash the garment normally.

If the stain is very deep, try this method. You will need:

  • Mechanic’s hand wash detergent
  • toothbrush
  • water
  • Clean gloves


  1. Put on your gloves to clean
  2. Soak your toothbrush in the detergent that will remove stains from your hands and scrub the mud stain.
  3. Rinse off the detergent from the mechanic and wash clothes normally.
  • It is important to remember that you will have to wait for the sludge to dry before removing it.
  • If the mud is accompanied by grass, it is preferable to start cleaning immediately and use egg yolks to limit the effects of the mud.
  • It is advisable not to put clothes that are still damp with mud in the dirty laundry basket, as you run the risk of soiling the rest of your clothes through contact.
  • Remember that if you have not yet removed the mud stain, you should not put the clothes in the dryer as the heat will act as a seal and it will be impossible to remove the stain.
  • If all of these procedures don’t work, it may be due to the type of fabric in your sportswear. If how he looks matters, take him to clothing specialists to use special chemicals to remove the stain.

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